Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yesterday was my first day back in Syracuse for the fall semester that starts next week. Tonight I started back at Sadler, which now seems like really nothing (in terms of work) now that I've gotten used to Denny's pace. I basically get paid $8.90 to stand around and talk to people. Oh and sweep and mop and wipe down counters and tables. Yep, thats about it. On Monday I went to the DMV and applied for a Non-Driver ID because my permit was about to expire, so they gave me a temporary id which is just a piece of paper. I was under the impression that it was just as good as the real thing so I went to the bank today, filled out a withdrawal slip (Im in the process of getting a new debit card) and brought it up to the teller with my student id. She proceeded to walk into the back room and speak with some other employees. 5 mins later she came back with the bad news - My handy-dandy temporary id was not enough to prove my identity and my student id was not an acceptable form. Heres the further frustrating part. Since my id nor my debit card have arrived at my parents house yet, I wont be able to access any of my paycheck or refund check until it gets here!!!!!!!!!! I still need to buy books, groceries and pay rent for September! How is it right that I can buy alchohol but not take money out of my own bank that I've earned?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day Off

In a couple of hours I will be back at my Home-for-the-Summer, but right now I lounge in front of my new laptop on the big blue stuffed couch at my parents house. My Other-Half just returned from a ciggarette break and now sits in front of me. It is seemingly unbelieveable that summer is almost to a close already, when except for the stifling heat, it feels like only yesterday we were packing up the contents of my dorm room, another undergrad year to an end. Last weekend was a special occasion, My Other-Half and I went to Old Forge and Niagara Falls for our Honeymoon. It was our 1-year anniversary combination celebration. Later tonight we will stop by Walgreens and pick up some photos from the trip, surprisingly I didn't drop/brake/lose my digital camera like I thought I would. Then bright and early tommorow morning at 7 o'clock we'll be on the local transit bus to work until 3pm, after eat, sleep and do it all over again until next monday.